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State of health and care: The NHS Long Term Plan after Covid-19

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Devo-health: Where next?

A comprehensive overview of the devolution of health policy to date, and the directions it could take in future, this report presents the evidence for how 'devo-health' may could allow integration...

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STPs: Kill or cure?

Contents Introduction The STP-finder tool STPs: What and why? ‘Secret Tory plans’ Never knowingly underfunded? The case for reform...

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Health innovation: Breathing life into the northern powerhouse

The north of England's health science sector is a vital economic asset. This report investigates the strengths and specialisms of the sector across and within the North, and explores how a place-base...

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Devo-health: What & why?

This booklet sets out the context for IPPR’s research on devo-health and the questions which we would like this programme of work to address. Key findings include: At the moment, ‘devo-health...

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