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Better health and care for all: A 10-point plan for the 2020s

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Topic: Public services

Policies for Peace of Mind? Devolution and older age in the UK

This paper considers the changing landscape of policy and practice for older people since 2000 and how this varies across the four countries of the United Kingdom. We reflect on UK Government reforms...

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Older People and Wellbeing

This report, the first in a series on older people and wellbeing from ippr, describes some of the key social trends in the UK and assesses how these may be impacting on older people and their...

Publication Older people Young people Public services Report

Private Spending on Healthcare

The debate about healthcare finance in the UK continues after 60 years of the NHS. Both critics and supporters of the NHS question whether the UK can continue to provide tax-funded healthcare free at...

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Just Care? A fresh approach to adult services

This paper outlines how a care system that is fair for those that need or give care could take shape. It starts from a central point: the state cannot support adults with care needs to maximise their...

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Public Services at the Crossroads

This report sets out a progressive agenda for public services and for the next stage of public service reform in the UK. Its overarching theme is the fact that public services are not simply...

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Great Expectations: Achieving a sustainable health system

It has long been understood that rising public expectations are one of the main cost pressures on the health service. This study assess how policymakers can reconcile high and rising public expectati...

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The Future Hospital: The politics of change

The final report of The Future Hospital project describes our local hospital politics case studies and sets out recommendations for improving fairness and transparency in hospital change. Health...

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