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The Progressive Policy Think Tank
Topic: Public services

Public services are vital to improving living standards and enhancing social mobility. We should aim for world-leading system of health, social care, education and childcare. But in order to meet the needs of families, both now and in the future, our public services cannot afford to stand still.

Health and social care
Shifting health needs brought about by an ageing population, new technologies and changing lifestyles are putting our health and social care systems under real strain. In order to thrive, these systems will need to adapt to meet the challenges of modern society.

We need: a fair funding settlement for the NHS and social care in order to avoid repeated funding crises; parity of esteem between physical and mental health to be delivered in practice; and where possible, care to be redirected to the community to minimise the burden on people’s lives

Every child should have an equal opportunity to succeed. But across the UK, academic achievement remains too closely linked to families’ socioeconomic circumstances. In order to combat disadvantage, every child should receive a high-quality education which creates opportunities rather than closes doors.

We need: strong systems of recruitment, training and retention of expert teachers; high-status technical and vocational learning, with clear pathways into higher education and work; and support for schools, colleges and universities to protect and promote mental health and wellbeing.