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The state of health and care 2022

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Topic: Public services

For public health and public finances: Reforming health and social care

People are spending more years in sickness than ever before. The number of deaths that could have been avoided with timely healthcare or public health interventions is much higher in the UK than...

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The public sector needs a real pay rise

In this report, we argue that demands for higher pay settlements for public sector workers are justified, and would help address problems facing the public sector.

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Healthcare and prosperity: The NHS at 75

New analysis on the impact of healthcare disruption, and how healthcare needs to change as the NHS turns 75

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Great government: A new playbook for public service reform

What do crime rates, NHS waiting times and the attainment gap in schools have in common? The answer is simple but tragic: all three measures have got worse in England over the last decade. In...

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