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The state of health and care 2022

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Topic: Public services

Vacci-nation: A case study in health and prosperity

The Covid-19 vaccination has again demonstrated the value of vaccines – to lives, livelihoods, and national prosperity.

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Getting better?: Health and the labour market

In this report, we set out a framework to begin informing the policy response to improve population health, and limit harm caused by illness.

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Towards a childcare guarantee

Childcare and early education in England isn’t working – for children, parents, or providers.

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Health and prosperity: Introducing the Commission on Health and Prosperity

IPPR is launching the Commission on Health and Prosperity. This commission will explore our fundamental hypothesis: that a fairer country is a healthier one, and that a healthier country is a more prosperous one.

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Making inclusive growth work for Scotland

Inclusive growth has become an increasingly prominent buzzword in Scotland, gaining prominence among policymakers at all levels of government. Since 2015, it has been central to plans for Scotland’s...

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Universal basic services: Building financial security in Scotland

In this paper, we explore the largest costs facing families below a living income and recommend a universal basic services approach to improve financial security for people across Scotland.

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