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Migrant workers and coronavirus: risks and responses

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Identity, Politics and Public Policy

Questions of identity arise continuously in contemporary public debate. The purpose of this short paper is to understand what this substantive body of new evidence can tell us about some of the most...

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Paying for 2012: The Olympics Budget and Legacy

Why has the Olympics budget gone up, who should pay, and what we will get for our money? The Government has just announced the new budget for preparing the 2012 Olympic Games. It's over £9bn, more...

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Setting the Bar: Preparing for London's Olympic legacy

A year after winning the bid, London is gearing up to deliver the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Games plan promises to regenerate the East London site and its surroundings. This paper assesses the...

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For Art's Sake

This book argues that the arts must begin to develop a robust evidence base that underpins the unique contribution that the arts can make to society. The arts and cultural sectors are at a crossroad...

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New News Impartial broadcasting in the digital age

This report examines the utility of current impartiality regulation in broadcast news and how best 'due impartiality' can be applied to the digital future. Technological and social change bring new...

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Quality in Broadcasting

A collection of essays bringing together contrasting views on quality from broadcasters, independent producers, regulators and politicians. Download full publication 7.5 1 86030 066 9...

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Converging Media, Converging Regulation

Regulatory experts discuss current issues: of accountability; the number of regulators; how they are chosen; and whether they should converge. Download full publication 4.95 1 86030 026 X...

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