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Women in the North: Choosing to challenge inequalities

Women have borne the brunt of the pandemic’s impacts in the past year. Around 45 per cent of working women across the North work in sectors that have seen the biggest negative impacts during the pandemic.

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The state of pay: Demystifying the gender pay gap

The UK has a gender pay gap: within industries, within occupations, and within organisations, women tend to earn less per hour than men. A small proportion of this gap may be the result of unequal...

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The politics of porn: Page 3 and pushing social change

To judge by much of the commentary today, political campaigns like 'No More Page 3' and its predecessors had little to do with the axing of the Sun 's Page 3. Instead, it had just become 'old...

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Women in engineering: Fixing the talent pipeline

This report demonstrates that 16 is the critical age at which women are lost to potential careers in engineering, and considers what needs to be done both in and outside of schools to attract more...

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The sandwich generation: Older women balancing work and care

Balancing care responsibilities and work is becoming increasingly difficult, particularly for older women: a 'sandwich generation' is emerging, whose members are caught between providing care for...

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Great expectations: Exploring the promises of gender equality

Through this report, we aim to explore changes in women's aspirations and expectations over time and from generation to generation, and to spark debate about the priorities for the next era of gender...

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No more 'all-male panels' at IPPR

IPPR holds well over 100 events every year. It is now our policy to ensure that there are no all-male panels at these events. We will also endeavour not to speak at events or broadcasts hosted by...

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Women and banks: Are female customers facing discrimination?

Given the evidence laid out in this paper, the UK government has a legal obligation to investigate the claim that banks may be discriminating against women. While certain aspects of banks' behaviour...

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