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Beyond the hostile environment

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What would an economically just immigration system look like?

Hard Brexiteers claim to have the answer: once Britain leaves the EU we should continue to welcome highly skilled migrants but heavily restrict the low skilled. Leaving aside the wider...

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Brexit withdrawal negotiations: the six crisis moments

Today marks the start of the long-awaited Article 50 negotiations. As Brexit Secretary David Davis enters the talks with his counterpart Michel Barnier, it is a strange irony that, despite this...

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Third sector trends in the north of England: A summary of key findings

Drawing from the Third Sector Trends study – the only large-scale longitudinal survey of the third sector being run in the UK – this report presents groundbreaking new evidence on the state of the...

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Regionalising migration: The North East as a case study

The North East has relatively high unemployment, low productivity, and skills shortages in a number of key areas. Its post-industrial difficulties are also likely to be exacerbated by demographic...

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What to expect from Thursday's migration stats

On Thursday, at 9.30am the latest official migration statistics will be published. They include a lot of information, from more than one source. This quick guide from IPPR covers what to expect from...

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