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Beyond the hostile environment

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On immigration, the biggest decisions are yet to come

As the government takes in the results of the referendum, the policy priorities are numerous – not least the stabilisation of the UK economy. But on immigration, the choices confronting the governmen...

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Free movement and the EU referendum

The first EU referendum in a generation will take place on 23 June. People’s views on EU migration are likely to play a crucial role in how they vote. This briefing seeks to inform the debate by...

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IPPR's festive reading list

This year saw a wave of books on how technology will – and won’t – transform society. We particularly liked Martin Ford’s Rise of the Robots and invited him to IPPR to discuss it. The increasingl...

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Unlocking the EU free movement debate

This briefing sets out five areas where freedom of movement can be reformed as part of the UK’s renegotiated relationship with the EU. Our proposals are credible, fair, and responsive to public...

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