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IPPR Scotland

Head of Media and Advocacy

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Rosie Lockwood
0758 577 2633

Media and Impact Assistant

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Anita Bhadani
(0141) 406-9987

IPPR Scotland reacts to UK budget

Philip Whyte, IPPR Scotland director said : "Today’s UK Budget is expected to generate £320 million of consequentials for Scotland over the next two years – much of it coming from investment in...

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IPPR Scotland Responds to UK Chancellor’s Fiscal Event

Philip Whyte, director of IPPR Scotland said:     “Today the UK Chancellor made reckless decisions that will benefit the wealthiest and leave families who need help most out in the cold. Both...

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IPPR Scotland reaction to Programme for Government

Philip Whyte, director of IPPR Scotland said:  "This was billed as a ‘cost crisis Programme for Government’ and it is encouraging to see the Scottish government bring forward important new...

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IPPR Scotland responds to Resource Spending Review

Review ‘did not rise to the challenge’ to set Scotland on the right path for the future, warns leading think-tank  Today’s Resource Spending Review failed to show where, or how the Scottish...

Press Releases Economy Budget IPPR Scotland