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Watch: A Toxic Inheritance

Younger generations will receive the ultimate toxic inheritance – environmental breakdown. It’s not just the climate. Soil’s being lost, species are dying, oceans are destabilising. Those who’ve just …

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Why We Need Tax Reform

Meet Eddie and Rita – they both pay different amounts of tax, but earn the same amount. Why? Income from hard work is taxed more than income from wealth and assets. This is unjust. The tax …

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Watch: Facing the Crisis

Facing the Crisis - The current economic model is costing the Earth. Soil is being depleted, species are dying & oceans are destabilised Our new report says it's time …

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Watch: Mark Drakeford AM speech

Watch: First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford speech First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford AM addresses the IPPR Economic Justice for Wales event in Cardiff. The IPPR Commission on Economic …

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Watch: Automation Explained

Women are twice as likely to hold jobs that could be automated. Without government intervention the increasing use of robots, cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence in the workplace risks …

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Watch: There is an Alternative

Watch: There is an Alternative - ending austerity in the UK Austerity has pushed our vital public services to the brink. For too long we’ve been told that ‘austerity is inevitable’ Our message is …

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