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BLOG: Reconceptualising the time we spend online

I PPR Economics Prize under 25 winner's blog In the last ten years the balance of global economic power has undergone a dramatic shift: with improvements in the capacity to collect, store and …

Bertie Wnek
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BLOG: A long-term non-ideological approach to economics

IPPR Economics Prize runners up blog Businesses and investors have a much greater chance of success when they have a clear long-term strategy and stick to it throughout the swings of economic …

Richard Plackett
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Making the most of the Scottish Child Payment

When the Scottish Government’s plans to reduce child poverty through a Scottish Child Payment were announced earlier this month, they were warmly welcomed by activists and economists alike. But …

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The Northern Powerhouse: 5 years in

Background The Northern Powerhouse agenda turns five years old this weekend. Like any new government programme it has attracted cynicism, but many saw as a great opportunity for the North of …

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No-Deal Brexit: 10 questions that need answering

As the race to become the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister gears up, the fundamental question facing the candidates is how to handle the seemingly intractable Brexit impasse. There appears …

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It’s the Small Businesses that Count

If small business leaders in the North of England were to offer up a prayer, it might go something like this: ‘grant us the advice to manage the things we cannot change, the support to change the …

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