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Oscar Watkins

Senior Account Manager, London Progression Collaboration Watkins Oscar Oscar is Senior Account Manager with the London Progression Collaboration, an initiative aiming to help over 1,000 Londoners to …

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26:2 issue contents - Cultural Capital(ism)

From counterculture in the 1960s to the punk eruption, from jazz to Northern Soul, culture and the arts can create and nurture political identities and preferences. But culture cannot lead politics …

Progressive review Summary Society & migration IPPR

Editorial - Cultural Capital(ism)

Certain cultural moments can come to represent and define particular times. One such moment for 2019 took place in a Somerset field in mid-summer. Glastonbury festival has hosted many great musical and …

Progressive review Full Society & migration

Watch: A Toxic Inheritance

Younger generations will receive the ultimate toxic inheritance – environmental breakdown. It’s not just the climate. Soil’s being lost, species are dying, oceans are destabilising. Those who’ve just …

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IPPR at Party Conferences 2019

IPPR will be delivering a programme of events at four party conferences (Liberal Democrat, Labour, Conservative, SNP) across a range of research areas. For enquiries, please contact Olivia Vaughan . …

16/09/2019 00:01 - 15/10/2019 23:59