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Between the backstop and a hard place

As with much of the UK’s Brexit debate, this week’s row over customs union membership has taken place around six months too late. While MPs and peers argue about the merits of an independent trade …

Blog post Expert comment Power & politics

The forward march of robots halted? Automation, employment and inequality

Despite the breathless rhetoric surrounding the rise of the robots, we are not on the cusp of a ‘post-human’ economy. Automation and digitalisation will change the economy in coming decades, but, as …

Mathew Lawrence
Blog post Long read Economy Commission on Economic Justice

Pilots and cabin crew: should we be fine about the gender pay gap?

The deadline for large employers to report their gender pay gap is now only one week away, and although the majority of companies are yet to report, the last month has seen some hair-raising pay gaps …

Catherine Colebrook
Blog post Expert comment Society & migration

It is possible to end child poverty

When it comes to some of our most intractable policy problems, the belief that change is possible can sometimes be the hardest thing to keep hold of. Optimism in our ability to make things better is …

Blog post Expert comment Economy IPPR Scotland

Towards a fairer model for the corporate tax system

The UK’s system of business taxation is not fit for purpose. A modern system of corporation tax should seek to encourage investment and employment, whilst ensuring businesses are paying their fair …

Blog post Expert comment Economy Commission on Economic Justice

Why housing in the UK requires bricks, not blame

The Government’s recent announcement on a review of the National Policy Planning Framework has struck a more considered tone than the 2012 NPPF which marked a particularly low point in the …

Blog post Expert comment Housing & infrastructure IPPR North