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Power to the people: How stronger unions can deliver economic justice

Achieving better wages and working conditions as part of a new growth model will require a renaissance of collective bargaining and a growth in trade union membership. The decline of the union …

Joe Dromey
Publication Briefing Economy Commission on Economic Justice IPPR

End of life care in England: A briefing paper

Death is an inevitable part of life. We will all die and almost all of us will experience the death of someone close to them. Dying is an incredibly important life stage, but for too many people the …

Martina Orlovic
Publication Public services IPPR

The state of pay: Demystifying the gender pay gap

The UK has a gender pay gap: within industries, within occupations, and within organisations, women tend to earn less per hour than men. A small proportion of this gap may be the result of unequal …

Catherine Colebrook
Charlotte Snelling
Publication Report Jobs & skills Society & migration IPPR

Measuring what matters: Improving the indicators of economic performance

Over recent years there has been increasing concern among economists and statisticians, and a variety of commentators and organisations in civil society, about whether the current range of economic …

Catherine Colebrook
Publication Economy Commission on Economic Justice IPPR