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Making the most of the Scottish Child Payment

When the Scottish Government’s plans to reduce child poverty through a Scottish Child Payment were announced earlier this month, they were warmly welcomed by activists and economists alike. But …

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Account Manager - London Progression Collaboration

IPPR is committed to equality of opportunity. As an organisation engaging in critical debate about a wide range of progressive policy issues, we value the creativity and range of perspectives that a …


26:1 issue contents - Economic Alternatives

The UK economy is in need of fundamental reform. Change is possible and has been achieved before, but will require confronting concentrations of wealth, income and power. To do this, the UK should …

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Editorial: Economic Alternatives

The UK economy is not working. The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice argued in its final report, published in September 2018, that the UK economy is in need of fundamental reform. 1 It is not …

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Automation and working time: How to reward digital labour

The time we spend online is political. We may not think it so, but our engagement with the digital world is increasingly resembling a product that is stored, studied and sold. Our digital presences …

Bertie Wnek
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The IPPR Economics Prize: The winners

Read the judges' foreword and the summaries of the four prize-winning and runner-up entries to the IPPR Economics Prize. The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice, which reported in 2018 with …

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Decentralising Britain: The 'big push' towards inclusive prosperity

The UK economy has had a split personality since the Great Recession, combining a record-strong labour market with historically low productivity growth. A solution to this ‘productivity puzzle’ has …

Romain Esteve
Martin Kábrt
Agata Makowska
Dano Meiske
Nick Robin
Farooq Sabri
Rhys Williams
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A rebalancing programme for Britain: Ending austerity in the UK

The rate of economic growth in the UK has fallen noticeably in recent decades. Economic growth since 2000 has averaged under 2 per cent per annum, and this poor growth rate looks set to continue for …

Richard Plackett
Dr George Cooper
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