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Sarah Birch

Associate Fellow Birch Sarah Sarah Birch is chair of comparative politics at the University of Glasgow. She specialises in the study of ethics and misconduct. Her current research focuses on …

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A vicious cycle of apathy and neglect: young citizens and the power gap

>It is well known that the number of people neglecting to turn out at elections is on the increase. It is also firmly established that non-voters tend, on the whole, to be younger than the population at large. This non-participation in electoral life increasingly problematic for representative democracy as a whole. In an extract from a new Democratic Audit publication

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The case for compulsory first-time voting

'I'm not going to vote. They're all the same and it never changes anything.' We are sure to hear this response regularly as reporters cover today's local elections, at which turnout is likely to be well below 40 per cent.

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