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Guy Lodge

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Editorial: Where next for Conservatism?

Despite the summer row over tax credits, looming divisions over foreign policy, and the forthcoming EU referendum, the Conservative party currently enjoys near complete political dominance in …

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Editorial: Britain MMXV, an anatomy lesson

The election result has transformed the UK's political landscape. For the progressive centre-left, it marked a catastrophic defeat of both the liberal and social democratic traditions in this …

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Editorial: Where now for Europe?

The euro is an 'irreversible disaster', argues Claus Offe in our interview with him on the central theme of this edition of Juncture . 'Disastrous' in the sense that it has widened economic …

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Editorial: The winds of change

The financial crisis and its aftermath have delivered major shocks to the party systems of continental Europe: witness the rise of new left parties such as Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece, and …

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