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Michael Kenny

Associate Fellow Kenny Michael Mike is professor of politics based at the Queen Mary University of London. He previously worked at the University of Sheffield and has over 15 years' experience …

Person Associate Fellows

English matters and Labour’s territorial dilemmas

England has come to matter to Labour in a number of different ways. As the reality of its parlous electoral position penetrates the debates associated with Jeremy Corbyn’s ideological insurrection, …

Progressive review Power & politics Full

What national story does the centre-left need to tell?

Watching over the central lobby of the Houses of Parliament are four mosaic panels representing the patron saints of the constituent nations of the UK. Originally intended to frame 'the centre of the …

Nick Pearce
Progressive review Full Devolution & local leadership

The Conservatives and EVEL: Where's the spirit of Edmund Burke?

The boldness and ambition of the offer that George Osborne recently made to Manchester suggest an appreciation of the growing desire for devolution among the English. The challenge now is to shape a more extensive conversation that encompasses all the different pieces of the devolution jigsaw.

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