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Executive pay: the politics of envy or a crisis of capitalism?

Politicians and business leaders often dismiss concerns about rising executive pay as the 'politics of envy'. It's poverty that matters, they crow. Why begrudge people who do well? But new research published this week reveals widespread consternation about the structure of pay in the UK.

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Top pay: not just a public affair

While beleaguered public sector organisations will be keen to show they can tackle the problem, businesses and banks are sure to bare their teeth at the hint of government action.

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Back to what work?

There are currently more than five people chasing every vacancy in the UK. New analysis by ippr shows that the job market will remain highly competitive until the end of 2011 at least and a 'jobless' recovery is likely until 2014, according to the Office for Budget responsibility. Despite this, the strategy to tackle unemployment remains largely unchanged from the Labour government's New Deal schemes.

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Strength Against Shocks: Low-income families and debt

ippr's innovative research with 58 low-income families in London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Glasgow aimed to understand what the expansion of household debt has meant for the lives of low-income …

Dalia Ben-Galim
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