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A memo to Ed Davey from IPPR

The deputy prime minister has singled out your ability to get on top of policy detail and your command of your brief as the reason you are right to replace Chris Huhne as energy and climate change secretary. You will need these skills in a job which carries important responsibilities for ensuring a cleaner, more secure and sustainable future for the UK, but also some demanding political challenges.

Will Straw
Coverage Housing & infrastructure

UK should learn from Obama's green jobs gamble

By Wednesday, the deadlock between Republicans and Democrats in the US debt crisis will have been resolved one way or another. The nation's most crucial challenge, to reduce chronically high levels of unemployment, will swing back into view again.

Jobs & skills Coverage

Mind the jobs gap

A jobless recovery means New Deal style solutions will not be forthcoming - small businesses and jobseekers are suffering from a skills shortage. Really local solutions borrowed from Scandinavia could point to a way forward.

Jobs & skills Coverage

Forget the budget deficit, the Coalition must deal with the jobs deficit

There can be no doubting Iain Duncan Smith's commitment to welfare reform. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has staked his political career on ambitious and costly plans to simplify the benefits system and make work pay. And though it has received less attention, his department is also investing in the 'Work Programme', a scheme costing billions annually to improve people's job prospects and help them find work.

Jobs & skills Coverage