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A poor tax - Council tax in London: Time for reform

Council tax is considered by many to be in the ‘too difficult to touch’ box when it comes to reform. Haunted by memories of the community charge, better known as the poll tax, which is widely …

Charlotte Snelling
Alfie Stirling
Publication Housing & infrastructure IPPR

Tapering over the tax: Reforming taxation of income in the UK

This policy paper sets out a mechanism for improving the progressivity, efficiency and revenue raising potential of income taxes in the UK. It proposes a major reform of the current system, with two …

Alfie Stirling
Publication Briefing Economy Commission on Economic Justice IPPR

A broken economy: there has been no ‘recovery’

Last week, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, wrote an exclusive for the Financial Times arguing that the UK economic model was ‘broken’. The Archbishop’s analysis was built on the …

Alfie Stirling
Blog post Expert comment Economy Commission on Economic Justice

Financing Investment: Reforming finance markets for the long-term

The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice is a landmark initiative to rethink economic policy for post-Brexit Britain. Launched in November 2016, it brings together leading figures from across society …

Alfie Stirling
Loren King
Publication Report Economy Commission on Economic Justice