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Homesharing and London’s housing market

London’s housing crisis is the result of failure to build enough homes to keep pace with growing demand. Rising unaffordability is the result, with many families priced out of the market. At the same …

Charlotte Snelling
Catherine Colebrook
Publication Housing & infrastructure Report

Industrial strategy for the few?

In Theresa May’s speech to the Confederation of British Industry yesterday evening, the Prime Minister gave us a preview of the government’s proposed approach to industrial strategy. Through …

Catherine Colebrook
Blog post Economy Expert comment

Out of shape: Taking the pulse of the UK economy

Britain is a successful country. But although our economy is succeeding at the top, it faces deep troubles below the surface. The evidence presented in the report challenges the repeated view of …

Michael Jacobs
Alfie Stirling
Catherine Colebrook
Publication Economy Commission on Economic Justice Report

Osborne has no easy way to keep his deficit promise

With falling growth and tax income here at home, and a bleak economic outlook abroad, the choice before Osborne at this budget is stark: make ever more painful cuts in public expenditure in a probably vain attempt to stick to his deficit reduction timetable, or come clean and say that it needs to slip, writes Catherine Colebrook.

Catherine Colebrook
Economy Coverage