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Mathew Lawrence

Senior Research Fellow Lawrence Mathew Mathew is a Senior Research Fellow in the Economy team. He works on the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice , leading on the intersection between economic and …

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Wealth Inequality: Dimensions, Drivers And Responses

We are a wealthy but deeply unequal nation. The richest 10% of households own nearly 900 times the wealth of the poorest 10%, and five times more than the least wealthy half of the population, who …

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Who 'owns' a company?

Who ‘owns’ a company? For public listed companies, the answer seems clear: shareholders.  As ‘owners’, companies should consequently be managed and run in their interest.  Yet this widely held …

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Do you need your boss?

Would you work better without a boss? It seems most of us would. A striking new YouGov poll suggests that by overwhelming margins, most people think that businesses would be better run through …

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