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Capital Gains: Broadening company ownership in the UK economy

The unequal ownership of capital in the economy is a powerful driver of inequality. With the share of national income going to capital having increased in recent decades, and likely to rise …

Mathew Lawrence
Nigel Mason
Publication Report Economy Commission on Economic Justice

Wealth Inequality: Dimensions, Drivers And Responses

We are a wealthy but deeply unequal nation. The richest 10% of households own nearly 900 times the wealth of the poorest 10%, and five times more than the least wealthy half of the population, who …

Mathew Lawrence
Blog post Expert comment Economy Commission on Economic Justice

Wealth in the twenty-first century: Inequalities and drivers

The UK is a wealthy nation; but that wealth is very unevenly divided. This report shows how these inequalities exist between individuals and families, between areas of the country, generations and …

Mathew Lawrence
Publication Report Economy Commission on Economic Justice IPPR

How employers rule our lives: an interview with Elizabeth Anderson

Mathew Lawrence: You begin your book with an examination of the history of egalitarianism before the Industrial Revolution, in which the Left viewed the market as the surest route to dismantling …

Mathew Lawrence
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