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Editorial: The long march of labour halted – again?

In 1978, Eric Hobsbawm penned his famous lecture, ‘The forward march of labour halted?’ In it, he documented the reasons why the organised working class was no longer marching forward as the …

Mathew Lawrence
Nick Pearce
Progressive review Power & politics Full

Will Uber be the boss of you?

To make sure technological change benefits everyone, radical new ideas about spreading both human and financial capital need to be on the table.

Mathew Lawrence
Jobs & skills Coverage

Editorial: Britain MMXV, an anatomy lesson

The election result has transformed the UK's political landscape. For the progressive centre-left, it marked a catastrophic defeat of both the liberal and social democratic traditions in this …

Mathew Lawrence
Nick Pearce
Progressive review Full Devolution & local leadership

We must make sure every voice is heard

The political system currently fails to accommodate young people - giving them a voice could force political parties and politicians to start better redressing their interests.

Mathew Lawrence
Power & politics Coverage

British democracy is nearing a crisis point

The young and the poor are increasingly turning away from democratic politics, incentivising poltiicians to focus on the rich and the old.

Mathew Lawrence
Power & politics Coverage