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Editorial: The remaking of political leadership

For all its occasional bitterness and rancour, both sides in the independence referendum in Scotland acknowledge that it galvanised a passionate democratic conversation about the future of the …

Mathew Lawrence
Nick Pearce
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For the good of society, we need a democratic reformation of finance

The 2007-08 financial crisis showed the limitations of reliance on financial services in running an economy and building a society. We need to move away from a finance based way of doing things, through an ambitious process of 'definancialisation', which would see these institutions brought squarely under the purview of democratic control.

Mathew Lawrence
Economy Coverage

Definancialisation: A democratic reformation of finance

This report sets out an ambitious agenda for 'definancialisation', for rolling back the socially useless aspects of modern finance and advancing both its productive potential and the democratic …

Mathew Lawrence
Publication Economy Report

How to build alternative to payday loans

Britain needs to expand the provision of affordable credit as well as to create a new 'match saving' incentive scheme for squeezed households. Only by building a stronger asset base of their own can working people reduce their reliance on expensive credit.

Mathew Lawrence