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Mathew Lawrence

Senior Research Fellow Lawrence Mathew Mathew is a Senior Research Fellow in the Economy team. He works on the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice , leading on the intersection between economic and …

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Ownership and inequality in the robotic age

The growing capability of machines has raised the spectre of mass technologically induced unemployment and profound economic disruption. Yet despite the accelerating ability of robots and artificial …

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Owning the Future

Neoliberalism is many things: a failing but widespread economic common sense, an attempt to insulate the political from the economic, an approach to modernity that seeks discipline and control …

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Wealth Inequality: Dimensions, Drivers And Responses

We are a wealthy but deeply unequal nation. The richest 10% of households own nearly 900 times the wealth of the poorest 10%, and five times more than the least wealthy half of the population, who …

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Who 'owns' a company?

Who ‘owns’ a company? For public listed companies, the answer seems clear: shareholders.  As ‘owners’, companies should consequently be managed and run in their interest.  Yet this widely held …

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Do you need your boss?

Would you work better without a boss? It seems most of us would. A striking new YouGov poll suggests that by overwhelming margins, most people think that businesses would be better run through …

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