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After No; what next?

The first priority is of course Scotland: divisions need to be healed and the country needs to come together. Unionist and nationalist politicians can demonstrate their commitment to such unity by …

Nick Pearce
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Editorial: The remaking of political leadership

For all its occasional bitterness and rancour, both sides in the independence referendum in Scotland acknowledge that it galvanised a passionate democratic conversation about the future of the …

Mathew Lawrence
Nick Pearce
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Editorial: A renaissance in political economy

Amid all the debate provoked by Thomas Piketty and his chart-topping work, arguably one of its most important legacies will be his reassertion of the political economy tradition. Recognising this …

Nick Pearce
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The civil service reform plan one year on, and the international evidence

Can greater political oversight of Whitehall be reconciled with a fundamental commitment to a merit-based and non-partisan civil service? To slightly caricature the UK debate, the traditional response to this question is broadly 'yes' if you're a minister and 'no' if you're a civil servant.

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More devolution would benefit and improve the whole of the United Kingdom

>Later this year, Scotland will vote on whether to become independent. But while the debate about the country's future has necessarily been between the maintaining the current union as is, or full independence, what most Scots want more than either is greater and better devolution. Welfare should be devolved as the next stage of a journey towards a deeper and better devolution settlement.

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Devolution can improve the whole UK

Why propose devolving welfare? One reason could be tactical. It's clear people in Scotland want more powers devolved, so offering more control over welfare might help to head off a Yes vote.

Alan Trench
Coverage Devolution & local leadership

Editorial: Taking a relational turn

In the preface to his magisterial work of social history, The Making of the English Working Class , the historian EP Thompson famously wrote that he was 'seeking to rescue the poor stockinger, the …

Nick Pearce
Progressive review Full Economy

A vicious cycle of apathy and neglect: young citizens and the power gap

>It is well known that the number of people neglecting to turn out at elections is on the increase. It is also firmly established that non-voters tend, on the whole, to be younger than the population at large. This non-participation in electoral life increasingly problematic for representative democracy as a whole. In an extract from a new Democratic Audit publication

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