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Highlights of 2013 at Juncture online

Big thinking about the future of the left - Roberto Unger on why the left should abandon equality - Nick Pearce asks 'What should social democrats believe in?' - Lane Kenworthy …

Nick Pearce
Progressive review Power & politics Full

Juncture interview: Linda Colley on Englishness

Guy Lodge: The British state has experienced periodic episodes of expansion and contraction throughout its history. How does that history help us make sense of the tumultuous times we are living …

Linda Colley
Progressive review Power & politics Summary

England and its two unions: The anatomy of a nation and its discontents

This report highlights politically important and culturally fascinating trends in the attitudes of people living in England to national identity and their nation's relationship with its two unions: …

Richard Wyn Jones
Charlie Jeffery
Glenn Gottfried
Roger Scully
Ailsa Henderson
Daniel Wincott
Publication Report Devolution & local leadership