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Editorial: In contingency lies opportunity

Ever since the chancellor George Osborne pulled off the coup of recruiting the first foreigner to run the Bank of England, expectations of the new governor, Mark Carney, have been running sky-high. …

Nick Pearce
Progressive review Economy Full

The case for compulsory first-time voting

'I'm not going to vote. They're all the same and it never changes anything.' We are sure to hear this response regularly as reporters cover today's local elections, at which turnout is likely to be well below 40 per cent.

Power & politics Coverage

Should voting be compulsory for young people?

First-time voters in the UK should be required to cast a ballot by law, and fined if they do not, in order to inculcate a lifetime habit of taking part in elections and boost overall turnout, says think-tank.

Power & politics Coverage

Scotland's welfare state of mind

Scots treasure healthcare and benefits, but the independence debate asks us to examine that 'birthright' and ask questions.

Iain McLean
Jim Gallagher
Coverage Devolution & local leadership

How to make the most of Scots oil?

With North Sea revenues set to decline, an independent Scotland faces difficult choices on taxes and levels of public spending.

Coverage Housing & infrastructure

Scotland's choices: The referendum and what happens afterwards

It's no exaggeration to say that there is a hunger for information among the voters about what the independence referendum means. They are being asked to make a momentous choice: if it's for …

Iain McLean
Jim Gallagher
Progressive review Full Devolution & local leadership

Thatcher and North Sea oil - a failure to invest in Britain's future

Margaret Thatcher was undoubtedly a transformative prime minister. The only peacetime premiers who might be said to have had a similar lasting impact on British politics are the Victorian titans Gladstone and Disraeli, and Attlee, who led the great post-war Labour government.

Economy Coverage

What it will take to break up Britain

In an exclusive extract from a new book on the independence referendum, Iain McLean, Jim Gallagher and Guy Lodge look at what it will take to break up Britain.

Iain McLean
Jim Gallagher

Let the English have a taste of devolution for themselves

Lost in a week dominated by news of economic Armageddon in the Mediterranean was the publication of a report by the former Clerk of the House of Commons, Sir William McKay, which wrestles with the arcane constitutional riddle known since the 1970s as the West Lothian question.

Coverage Devolution & local leadership