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European welfare states after the crisis

Governments in the UK and elsewhere in Europe are taking a position on welfare reform which is in line with public opinion, but may be the wrong strategic choice in the long-term - prioritising …

Patrick Diamond
Publication Report Public services

Why the union matters

The phoney war over Scotland's constitutional future has finally ended. We now know that Scots will be asked to vote in 2014 on a straight 'yes or no' question about whether Scotland should become an independent country. As the real battle for Britain moves centre-stage, how should unionists respond?

Devolution & local leadership Coverage

Editorial: Patriotism and progressivism

In her ground-breaking account of the forging of Britishness, Britons , Linda Colley describes how the disparate national loyalties that existed prior to 1707 were brought together under a single …

Progressive review Full Devolution & local leadership

Winning the argument for continuing Union

Douglas Alexander: I am not in the least bit complacent about the coming referendum,but if you take the broader sweep of polling support for independence has been running somewhere close to 30-35 …

Margaret Curran
Douglas Alexander
Progressive review Full Devolution & local leadership