The South Wales Valleys Climate and Fairness Panel is one of four citizens' juries around the UK held by the Environmental Justice Commission in late 2020 and early 2021.

This report documents the South Wales Valleys Panel’s considered view on the practical steps required to address the climate crisis and restore nature in a way that is fair for everyone. This set of recommendations has five parts:

  1. a statement on a fair response to the climate and nature emergencies
  2. a wellbeing framework and vision for a better life for all
  3. recommendations on the principles for the transition – decision-making and fairly sharing the costs
  4. recommendations for work and industry
  5. recommendations on how we travel.

Wales is unique in having laid the foundations for a new way of working with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act. The jurors provide a clear statement of support for this as an approach to decision-making. The challenge for all of us is to bring this legislation to life and use it to shape a fairer, greener society. To achieve this will require a place-based approach to policy making, joined-up thinking that goes beyond siloes, and a commitment to putting people at the heart of decision-making processes.

Download the Welsh version of the summary of recommendations: Cymraeg