Connecting Cities

Connecting Cities reflects the views of local stakeholders in five of England's regional cities, where local transport has been the subject of intense debate in recent months. The report is based on a series of five seminars - and brings together a range of messages for national decision-makers.

Connecting Citiesdoes not make definitive policy recommendations. Instead, it reports on the state of the transport debate in England's cities. The views expressed by local stakeholders were particularly strong in six topic areas:

  1. Reform of local transport governance
  • Devolution of financial power to cities and city-regions
  • Road-user charging
  • Bus services
  • Inter-city rail services
  • Airports and ports.

In England's regional cities, there is a strong will to engage with the private sector to leverage greater local transport investment. Forthcoming legislative reforms and policy changes must enable cities and private-sector partners to work more closely together to deliver key local transport improvements.

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