The independent Lord Darzi Review aims to examine the state of quality in health and care services on the NHS’s 70th birthday and make recommendations for future funding and reform of the system. Launched in December 2017, the Lord Darzi Review is aiming to:

1. Examine the quality – meaning safety, effectiveness, timeliness, efficiency and equitability – of care in the NHS and social care service today.

2. Establish the funding settlement and reforms needed to drive improvements in the quality of care in the coming decade.

2018 is a year of anniversaries: 70 years since the NHS was created as part of the post-second world war social settlement; 50 years since the Seebohm Report which laid the foundations for modern social care; and 10 years since High Quality Care for All was published with its sharper focus on quality of health and care. It is therefore the perfect moment to stand back and reflect on the progress that has been made, as well as the challenges that we have faced. We must also look to the future: high quality care is a constantly moving target so to stand still is to fall back.

This interim report of the Lord Darzi Review of Health presents this evidence in preparation for the final report which will be published in the lead up to 70th anniversary of the NHS and will set out a long term funding and reform plan for health and care.

The slide pack sets out all of the analysis undertaken by Carnall Farrar and IPPR for the Lord Darzi Review of health and care including on population health, access, quality and funding.