What can we learn from local government experience of driving the inclusive growth agenda? What good practice is in place? What policies and innovations are effective? What are the main challenges and barriers? And what practical steps work to overcome these?

This call for evidence invites key stakeholders to share examples of how local government has developed and implemented policies and innovations to drive inclusive growth. We want to hear from local and combined authorities, other public bodies (such as CCGs), think tanks, academics, civil society groups, and others.

IPPR North is working in partnership with the Local Government Association to move the inclusive growth agenda forward in local authorities across the country, delivering real and measurable benefits for all communities. We are interested in the experiences of local authorities that are leading on this agenda, and in examples of effective practice and the evidence that supports these.

We are looking for evidence in the following three key areas:

  1. Inclusive growth and affordable housing, skills attainment, and job creation
  2. Building infrastructure to support inclusive growth
  3. Community Wealth Building

We will analyse the responses to this call to draw out practical lessons, broad principles, and helpful advice.

You are welcome to address one or more of the key areas listed above. It would be helpful if you could think about the following questions (again, please feel free to answer some or all of the questions).

  • Please provide some examples of good practice in developing and implementing inclusive growth policies and innovations in local government, in relation to the key areas listed above. We invite local authorities to draw on their own experiences.
  • What are the most important lessons to be learned from your experience/from these examples?
  • What approaches are effective for engaging Councillors with this agenda?
  • What does success look like and how can it be measured?
  • What are the challenges and barriers for inclusive growth initiatives? How can these be overcome?
  • What practical steps can local authorities take to move forward with inclusive growth? We are particularly interested in advice for those not yet engaged, or who are engaged but want to do more.
  • What can local authorities ask of central government to help support inclusive growth?
  • Are there any examples of key texts (strategic documents, metrics, performance frameworks, toolkits etc) that you would like to submit in response to this call?

Submissions and any questions should be sent to

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Friday 7 February 2020.