A collection which assesses the broader implications of asset-based welfare for the future. This is the fourth book published by the Centre for Asset-based Welfare.

Tony Atkinson argued in 1972 that narrowing the wide disparities in wealth should be a priority for progressives. Since then, the situation has changed little and indeed it may even have worsened. However, the tone of this publication is optimistic. Policy makers are beginning to discuss the role that wealth or assets play in people's wellbeing.

This has come under the banner of 'asset-based welfare' and its most notable contribution thus far has been the Child Trust Fund. Though important this is only one specific policy. This publication assesses broader implications of asset-based welfare across public policy:

  • How could and should asset-based welfare develop?
  • What is our vision of a more coherent and progressive overall policy?
  • What are the practical policy implications?

Representatives of the Financial Services industry, academics, policy makers and anyone interested in the future of the welfare state should read this book.

'I am delighted the Child Trust Fund has now been adopted. This book is important because it takes thinking on progressive asset-based welfare a significant step further.'

- Tony Atkinson, author of Unequal Shares