This unique collection brings together a group of senior faith leaders to express their views on Britishness, multiculturalism and the role of religion in the public realm. Our contributors explore whether religious affiliation aids or prevents a healthy process of cultural integration, and reflect on how their own communities have been received within, and have contributed to, British society.

"Faith in the Nation ... is one of the most important contributions to date on the role of religion in Britain's increasingly secular but also multifaith society." - The Times

These are vital topics to air, particularly at a time when signs are emerging of a growing estrangement between the faith communities and an increasingly individualised, culturally diverse and fragmented society.

"This groundbreaking publication ... is the first of its kind to bring faith leaders together to reflect on the kind of society that, as a nation, we aspire to build." - from the Foreword by the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.