As Juncture, IPPR's quarterly journal for rethinking the centre-left, goes from strength to strength, its co-editors pick out a few of the year's highlights from the many fascinating and valuable pieces published here, at Juncture's online home.

Big thinking about the future of the leftJuncture covers 2013

- Roberto Unger on why the left should abandon equality

- Nick Pearce asks 'What should social democrats believe in?'

- Lane Kenworthy on what's wrong with predistribution

Can British institutions cope with the challenges they face?

- David Runciman argues that British democracy is facing its biggest crisis of confidence in decades

Fixing Britain's economy

- Francis Coppola, Ann Pettifor, Jonathan Portes, Dean Baker and others provide candid advice to Mark Carney, Bank of England governor

Break-up of Britain?

- As Scots prepare to vote on independence, Juncture discusses the prospects of the break-up of Britain with Linda Colley

Juncture interviews with leading thinkers, economists and political strategists

- Gillian Tett on economic policy after the crash

- Kathy Thelen on marrying economic liberalisation with equality

- Bonnie Honig on a new approach to politics

- David Axelrod on how Obama won and the lessons for progressives

And more!

- Vernon Bogdanor assesses Thatcher's legacy

- Melissa Benn on feminism

- Roy Foster on Ireland after the crash

- Chris Huhne on the case for a Lib-Lab coalition in 2015

- Tim Bale on the failures of Tory modernisation

- John Curtice on Ukip's surge

- Sarah Mulley on winning the argument on immigration