Metis is the journal of IPPR@universities, the student thinktank network. This year's theme - education - emphasises the importance of a constructive dialogue between students, regardless of degree discipline and background, on policy matters. After all, education is arguably one of the most important factors in improving people's lives.

Metis aims to provide students with the opportunity to engage with the policy process and gives them a unique platform to express opinions, critiques and solutions. This year's edition of Metis shows how far the IPPR@universities programme has come in the last year. While last year's journal symbolised the partnership between Warwick University and IPPR, this year's journal sees the collaboration of ideas between students from both Warwick and Sheffield universities.

Edited by Angela Tang from the University of Warwick and Harriet Craft from the University of Sheffield, this second issue of the journal features essays by eight student thinktankers:

  • Alexander Gann, Warwick - The philosophy of education: How principles conflict
  • Nadezhda Borislavova Buhova, St Andrews - The importance of being educated: Why equality matters in education
  • Will Vittery, Sheffield - The Scandinavian model: The history and success of free schools in Sweden
  • Jonathan Goggs, Warwick - The development of the national curriculum and the case for localisation
  • Parama Chakravorty, Warwick - Higher education in the UK: An appraisal of the status quo
  • Joshua Scarlett, Warwick - The case against a graduate tax
  • Michael Conn, Sheffield - New ideas for funding universities
  • Victoria Shreeve, Sheffield - Higher education and access for all