Metis is the journal of IPPR@universities, the student thinktank network. The theme this year – the politics of a new generation – encourages discussion of why so many young people are disengaging from politics, and how to get them back.

This year's collection includes discussion of political engagement and identity, and the role and importance of education in serving the public good and producing young people equipped to front up to the issues of today and tomorrow.

Edited by Katherine Bruce, Sara Mhaidli, Benjamin Ong and Daniel Baron, volume five of the journal is comprised of seven essays by student thinktankers:

  1. Skye Curtis, Sheffield – Disengaged youth: How social capital can be used to increase levels of political participation among the younger generation
  2. Adam Ladley, Sheffield – Europe and the next generation: Why youth Europeanism could save the UK and how it could be done
  3. George Deacon, York & Arthur Baker, Manchester – The case against independent schools as charities
  4. Tobias Nowacki, Warwick – A European identity among British youth
  5. Maddy Haughton-Boakes, Sheffield – The 'generation without hope': Education as a way of giving the new generation a sense of autonomy
  6. Catherine Scott, York – Societal disillusionment of the new generation: How do we reverse the tide, both politically and economically?
  7. Kiryl Zach, Sheffield – It is not as Mustapha Mond says – or Why universities should be more about knowledge than employability

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