The objective of IPPR's Northern Energy Taskforce is to develop an energy strategy for the northern powerhouse. In this call for evidence, we invite all interested parties to contribute their thinking on the future of the North's energy sector.

About the Northern Energy Taskforce

The Northern Energy Taskforce has been established to oversee an ambitious programme of work over the next 18 months that will develop an energy strategy for the northern powerhouse. The Taskforce will be chaired by Sir John Harman, who will be supported by a number of high-profile figures with expertise across infrastructure, engineering, finance, academia and local government. It is supported by IPPR staff in a research and secretariat capacity.

The taskforce has three central objectives.

  1. Develop a plan for the northern energy system to 2030, addressing the key needs and challenges facing energy consumers and businesses in the North.
  2. Create a vision of the northern energy sector in 2030 and a practical roadmap to get there, addressing the economic opportunities for businesses, higher education institutions and the public sector in the energy sector.
  3. Set out a plan for ‘energy devolution’ that will consider whether and how various powers and responsibilities for energy issues should be devolved to different pan-northern, sub-regional and local levels.

This call for evidence is an opportunity to feed into the work of the Taskforce, and is aimed at all businesses, organisations and individuals who wish to contribute their research, analysis and policy ideas relating to the future of the northern energy sector.

Please download the call for evidence PDF here, or using the button above-right.