This toolkit is designed to support those working with refugee, migrant and receiving communities in the Yorkshire and Humber region to build the foundations for meaningful social connections and promote social cohesion.

We are focused in particular on the experiences of refugees and other new arrivals in Yorkshire and the Humber, and how new migrant communities can be supported to make connections in their new homes.

This toolkit encourages the reader to think about how they can contribute to creating villages, towns and cities that are welcoming and which invite everyone – no matter their immigration status – into the fold. It is designed to:

  • provide an evidence base and share our research findings
  • inspire action through the words of Yorkshire and the Humber residents
  • showcase best practice through local and national case studies
  • offer practical guidance and tools
  • be a repository of key resources.

It is accompanied by a manifesto for action – a document detailing the motivating and inspiring conversations contained within our deliberative workshop with Yorkshire residents. Here you will find a compelling case for why it is necessary for policymakers and people in power to prioritise laying the foundations for social connections in the region.