At the start of 2020, Big Change and IPPR set out together to understand and shape the public conversation about where education should go next.

We led an ambitious national listening exercise to understand how the public was thinking and feeling about education and learning. And we launched the Big Education Conversation, a national campaign to get more people – especially young people (aged 13 to 25), parents and carers – talking about what education is really for and where it should go next. This report sets out our findings.

In 2022, Big Change and IPPR will work together with an enabling coalition of partners, to launch Subject to Change – a national project that combines powerful insight, collective action and public engagement to create a new direction for learning. This will give young people, parents, carers, teachers and employers the chance to answer the big questions they are asking about where education and learning goes next, and to work together to find solutions.

*Subject to Change is a new initiative co-founded by Big Change and IPPR. This report is jointly published under this partnership. Editorial control and ownership of this report is shared equally between the partners.