>What are the issues causing anxiety in Britain today? How can we understand the pressures as well as the hidden potential in our society? The Condition of Britain

This paper sets out the priorities for our research, including a range of methods. We want to talk to people across the country to hear their everyday stories, and find out what it would take to relieve some of the strains they are under. We will also look at the latest thinking on key policy and the priorities for politics. Combined with rigorous analysis of the latest data and trends, we hope to generate new insights into the 'condition of Britain' today and identify the resources and energies in society which could be mobilised to improve society.

We will be inviting everyone to participate in the work through social media, a call for evidence, face-to-face discussions and visits to projects and organisations across the country. Throughout the year, the project will include a series of seminars, bringing together leading thinkers, analysts and practitioners, and we will publish briefing papers and essays with new thinking and analysis on the core social issues, with a final report at the end of 2013.