For decades, Westminster government has enabled deep divisions to grow in this country: divisions between whole regions of England; divisions between cities, towns and villages; and divisions within places, between people.

London and the South East – home to just one-third of the England’s population – has accounted for almost half (47 per cent) of the country’s increase in jobs in the last decade. The UK is the most regionally unequal country in the developed world: inner London is one of the most productive areas in the whole of the EU, while, in other parts of the UK, productivity is similar to Poland, Hungary and Romania.

No other country tolerates the inequalities of power and prosperity that divide England, and most major countries across Europe and the developed world have several centres of prosperity. As a result, they tend to have healthier, more resilient national economies with higher productivity and greater inclusion.

This paper lays out a case for change that shows how the country could benefit from the right programme of devolution in England.