This call for evidence is aimed at higher education managers, academics, organisations and individuals who wish to contribute their research, analysis and policy ideas to the commission and be part of the process to shape the future of higher education in England.

The period for submissions has been extended until Friday 26 October 2012. Please see the full call for evidence document for details on how to make a submission.


The Commission on the Future of Higher Education has been established to address the key challenges facing the higher education sector over the next 20 years and to produce a policy framework that will safeguard and strengthen the position of our higher education institutions in the long term.

Focusing on the sector as it is in England, the commission will seek to address the following questions:

  1. How should our HE sector be organised to achieve the best outcomes for individuals, institutions and society?
  2. To what extent should the overall structure of higher education be determined by market forces and to what extent should gover nment play a strategic role?
  3. How can we fund an expanded HE sector in a way that is fair to graduates, universities and the taxpayer?
  4. What role can higher education play in promoting a rebalanced economy across England and safeguarding our position in the global economy?
  5. What role should higher education play in providing skills for the job market?
  6. What contribution should HE make to improving social mobility and building a more socially just nation?
  7. Does higher education have a role to play in shaping our national culture and strengthening ties of common citizenship?