This ippr collection of essays addresses different aspects of China's relations with Africa, including the history and politics of the relationship, as well as China's impact on trade and investment, the management of natural resources, human rights and good governance, and peace and security.

We have put together the introduction and conclusions chapter as a free download.

"A richly informed examination of China's meteoric rise to prominence in Africa and its implications for both the continent and the west ... engaging reading for policy makers and the interested public alike." - Dr Chris Alden, London School of Economics

"A timely and important report [with] profound global implications." - Isabel Hilton, Editor of Open Democracy

"An excellent report [with] clear recommendations for ... Africans and the wider international community." - Glenys Kinnock MEP, Co-President of the ACP/EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly

"This report .... will provide decision makers makers as well as analysts from both the public and private sectors with valuable insights, hopefully leading to better outcomes for Africa." - Tidjane Thiam, member of the Commission for Africa and Chief Executive, Aviva Europe