Trade relationships are at an uncertain juncture, but the opportunity for strengthening this can be through a new progressive US-UK trade partnership.

Since leaving the EU, negotiating a free trade agreement with the US has been a major priority for the UK government, which is why we highlight that the opportunity for strengthening trade relations lies in a new progressive US-UK trade partnership.

The Covid-19 pandemic has played havoc with supply chains, resulting in unpredictable shortages and rising prices. Trade tensions between the US and China remain high, and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a series of unprecedented sanctions. At the same time, growing concerns over the ensuing climate crisis have led policymakers to scrutinise and re-evaluate the relationship between trade and the environment.

In this report, we set out proposals for how the US and UK can revitalise trade relations through a new progressive trade partnership directed at supporting shared objectives on labour, climate, and nature.