The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice argues that the economy does not work well for most people. IPPR wanted to understand the degree to which this was felt by the UK population, and how perceptions varied by age, political views, education, and gender. We were also keen to test some of the core arguments made in its final report Prosperity and Justice with the public, and to gauge support for the policies it recommends.

To that end, IPPR commissioned Sky Data to conduct a nationally representative poll of 1,330 members of the British public. The poll, which was conducted online between 17 and 20 August 2018, included questions to gauge perceptions of how well the economy works currently. It also asked respondents whether they would support or oppose a selection of policies that the Commission recommends.

This report summarises the key results of the poll. The complete list of questions asked is provided in the Annex, and the full results, including weighted and unweighted sample sizes can also be downloaded on this page.